Piss Me Onaholl

Aria’s Ass, Gass, And Splasshers!!

Just like the title ? there is plenty of all three in these two wonderful clips from one of my favorite children!!! No Lie, Aria is one of the three models I get most excited about when they come with something new!!! Her and Ms D are probably the best two at what I love the most about watching women on the toilet ? and that?s Farting, Grunting, Plopping, and Straining!! She had some nice loud and gassy, airy farts in each clip. Oh and boy the logs coming out her ass in this one!! Some serious Backsplashers!! And that Ass is still as juicy and Bubblicious as when I saw her for the first time two years ago!!! Lady Aria is STILL top 5 in my humble Opinion and short all all action no filter clips like these continue to show me why!!

Bottled With Piss By 4 Neighboring Guys At Nude Sunbathing In The Garden !

When I was sunning myself naked the other day in good weather in my garden came at a time 4 neighborhood boys who had been watching me. The 4 took the opportunity and pissed me all in my mouth and pissed my body full. 2 of them pissed me at the same time in my mouth!

Ayanna’s Days Of Diarrhea

Ayanna Ate something that just don?t agree with her! Enjoy the sights and sounds in this super newbies Sophmore return!! Two Great clips of act and great grunts, plops and strains. Enjoy as she brings the action from multiple angles and positions! For those of you that enjoy facial expressions, the faces this girl makes while going will drive you wild!!! Enjoy in the first scene as she gives you a nice up close rearview shot so you can see and hear the poop and farts shooting out her ass! In the second she brings the action from multiple angles!! Another great clip from this new sensation!!

Diana Piss Bread

Diana piss in a bowl and put some bread inside, that is the right meal for her slaves!