Piss Mens Toilet

The Princess With Diaper

They are in the living room, with a beautiful dress, high heels, are a princess and sexy I move for you, walk, extension, I show my body … and then I turn pull up the skirt and c is a nice diaper … . Mmmmmmh like this brat? then we go to the bathroom and pee inside and so we do not just move … ohh and the diaper and ‘full of scat …. depraved you like it? I am a slut smear me then all we get in the tub and let you see how sditalino I smeared poo …….. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Slave Used On The Toilet And Locked Away

At least I can use my personal toilet again and piss his mouth until it’s brimmed!

My Shit Licked

Too bad that you’re just not been here, because I would have loved to share with you pretty hot shit.