Piss Nsertion

Helpless Slave With Two Mistress – Part 2

After a few minutes, they unload clumps of solid shit for him to eat! They smear the disgusting scat all over their bodies and on his body too!

Pooping Princesses Stinking Up Their Roomates Shower!!

Our Roomie was taking her shower the other morning, but Scat Sweeties Shit just couldn’t wait!! We bumrushed the bathroom camera in tow. When you see the size of the 1st log that shot out of Sweetie’s ass you will see why we couldn’t wait!! lol OMG!! It smelled so bad in there!! It was a full house in that bathroom! Me with camera, Sweetie on the pot, and our Roomate still in the shower. You don’t get to see her, but she joins in the convo. Good thing we are ladies and our poop smells like roses, hehehe!! Nah but she’s cool and didn’t mind the stench.

Lie Down As I Pee All Over You.

Want to be my little toilet slave? Get in the tub, lie down, and look up as I stand above you and piss all over you. Be a good piss toy and feel the warmth of this golden shower and the way it hits your skin.