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Erotic Toilet Slavery 2. Mega Heap!

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Dumping Darling’s Walmart Dump!!

Enjoy this nice quick clip we made as Dumping Darling had to take a quick shit while we were out shopping. We were on our best behavior this time though!! Enjoy as she drops trou and I record the pee coming out from between her legs!! Oh the smell was horrid!! A nice quick and easy pee and pl0p session in a public toilet!!

Afternoon Tea For 3 Mistresses And Their Scat Slave!

It is afternoon tea, much like what you would see anywhere else in the world or in any other situation. Except this is no ordinary afternoon tea and these 3 ladies are no ordinary ladies! After finishing their tea they decide to release the slave from his cage so he can be abused by them. They first spit on him while mocking him and laughing at him between themselves. They each take their turns squatting down and filling his feeding bowl with both golden nectar and sweet golden nuggets before ordering him to get down like a dog and lap it up like the pathetic slave he is!

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