Piss On Face And Cum

Pathetic Slaves Eat Assses – Part 2

The Master then pushed a pulsing hot vibrator into Fumino’s ass to loosen her up. Her poo smelled like mashed vegetables, very acidic and sharp. The smell sent shockwaves through Akiko’s system. She had goosebumps thinking of how she would eat Fumino’s filthy hole. Fumino’s face clenched as they roughly pushed an enema and started bloating her belly with water. Small streams of water escaped her butthole before she knew it, signaling the start of a wonderful shit streaming session.


Ally hot legs and shitting!

The Feeding And Filling Of A Toilet Slave Part 9 Diana

Here the Girls wrapped their Slave in Plastic, slapped the Mouth opening Machine on his Head and started getting some Toilet Service out of him. Part 9 Diana. English Subtitles