Piss On Ghost

My Teenage Maid, Kv-teen, Had To Shit In A Bowl And Make A Slave Meal!

When my teenage maid, KV-Teen, had to shit, I led her naked and with a leash on all fours to a bowl. Into this, my little caviar princess had to shit and make a slave meal for one of my toilet slaves. My little maid then squatted with her sweet ass and asshole over the bowl and shit a huge portion, delicious teen shit, in the bowl. The bowl was then full to the top with their delicious shit. Well that will definitely taste good to the toilet slave and he will not be hungry after that, even for a longer time, with the portion! Well, you also want to taste their delicious shit!?!

Scat Sweetie’s Snakes And Turdpeedo’s!!!

My Baby really had to drop a couple this morning!!! Enjoy as Scat Sweetie lets out some super logs right before her morning shower. One looked like a Tornado coming out her ass!! And from how it splashed in the bowl it had a similar effect!! Enjoy as I get nice and up close?.If only you could smell how bad it was in there as this shit came out!!

The Biggest Turds Ever!!

Ms D has done it! She has cranked out the biggest turd I have seen this side of the Dividovic!!! Man even watching it fall out her as I had no clue what a monster Ms D was cranking out until she finished!! Even she had to yell out ?Oh Wow!? while looking at it!! She even wrote to me when she emailed the clip that ?It Was like a Python!? Ms D by far makes the biggest louds shit bombs around and this clip leaves no doubt about it!! Enjoy over 17 minutes worth of peeing, pooting, and plops that will have you sreaming GOTDAYUM!! She even has a little company in one of the clips as another woman can be heard grunting and straining and pissing alongside her! Always action packed, and always entertaing, Ms D is adding Turdzilla to her Fartzilla title!! I would give anything to be in a public bathroom listening and watching women shit like this!!