Piss On Girlfriend

My Best Shits 7

You keep asking and I keep giving. For those who enjoy watching a video of only the best shitting scenes from a girl without any boring dialog & story line I bring you the seventh installment of “My Best Shits” Seated in comfort while taking a huge creamy Goddess dump right into my slave’s mouth, courtesy of Broken Toilet 28. My massive dinner from the previous night becomes my slave’s breakfast directly from my Goddess Asshole into his inferior mouth – Broken Toilet 29A gigantic shit that I held in for several days. I take this gigantic shit into his mouth and afterwards, while he suffers with my HUGE bowel movement in his mouth and all over his pathetic face I masturbate. Sitting with one of my feet on his chest that he must massage during his ordeal. – From Broken Toilet 30Nothing beats taking a massive & superior shit while laying on your stomach in bed. He ate my entire bowel movement in this one (Complete eating scene only available in the Broken Toilet 31 video.)Be sure to check my store for all my other clips xoxo

Girl Anya. Shit 3

A huge poo got stuck in her ass. Anya long tries to squeeze out this shit. And she finally wins this shit!)

Lady Jasmin Black – Golden Shower

Bad luck today! I had to go to the toilet … because there was no slave around! But watch by yourself…