Piss On Girls Clothes

Farts And Too Much Soft Shit

In my sexy pink tanga can you very good see my big curvy ass when i must stinky farting!! Then i liyng on the sofa and shitting too much soft sausages…..my ass is so smudged,ah i dope even more with my fingers the rosette fully,come and lick the greasy shit asshole!!

Lady Missy – Garden Toilet Day2 P1

Lady Missy and her friend stayed in the garden house and her slave had to serve her the night as living toilet. Now it’s morning and Lady Missy has to pee immediately. She pisses without mercy into the mouth from the toilet slave. His task is only to swallow it. Both Ladies have to be awake. Then follows a cigarette and a coffee before Lady Missy has to poop. Today their shit is soft and protrudes from the slave mouth.

Eaten P1

Today i meet a new toilet slave who is waiting already before my flat very nerous. After we are in the slave is on his knees and do the things which I say to him.

P – 2 Drink My Pee – 06 – Hq 640×480

HQ 640×480, time 5:28. Toilet slavery. Toiletman will drink all her pee.