Piss On Her Self In Bath

Ashtray & Creamy Kaviar On Cock & Mouth

Today I felt playful and let my slave worship my ass while I was doing my business on my PC. I let him worship my ass, teased him with my big boobs, let him see my wonderful nipples and after that I hit his balls with my feet. Also, I felt like lighting a cigar and got bored of the classic ashtray and used his mouth instead. While I was smoking, I was drinking a glass of whiskey with red bull and spit in his mouth so that the pathetic slave would feel the taste of the whiskey from my mouth. While smoking I announced my slave when I finish smoking, I want to lock my slave in chastity, but since he protested against that, I slapped his cock hard with my hand, to punish him for disobeying.In the second scene, I’m doing a huuuuge creamy shit on my toilet slave’s cock and balls and after in his mouth. You can watch how I take a shit from my round, gorgeous butt in my pathetic personal slave and humiliate him to become my full toilet.

Mistress’s Toilet! – Part 1

This is part 1 of my misery? for my Mistress’s pleasure and mine too but I wont admit it to her, I just do what she says and obey her commands 🙂 I am loaded with her piss and crushes food all over me. She sits on me and smothered me with her fine ass! I get to taste her delicious pussy too!

Glass Table Poo!!!

Hi guys! It’s Mystress T again and I just came back from work and had to poo again! I decide to do it on my glass table and I also put another camera below so you can see the poop coming out of my pretty asshole from beneath the glass, so awesome!!! After shitting I then get on my knees in front of my mess and play with it a little…don’t you wish you could join me at my scat table…


Baby is running morning apples;)