Piss On Japan Public Toilet

Goddess Prepare A Hot Meal In A Bowl

A nice small movie with Goddess making a enema and Diarrhea into her room, in a bowl.

My Hot Mistress Shits All Over My Face! – Full Movie

My cock is so hard today, I gotta unload my jizz asap! I call my mistress and she arrives just in time. She knows what I want so she takes off her skirt and rubs her fine ass all over my face. She pushes me down the floor and squats on top of my eager face then she unloads today’s sticky breakfast on my willing mouth! She stands up then pees all over my pathetic body!

Aria’s Splish Splashes And Logbirth!!

Aria was really droppin kidz in the pool in this one!! Three great water splashing out the toilet clips!! Enjoy as she grunts, plops and strains as only she can while pushing out a few ?nuggets of wisdom? if you catch my drift!! Enjoy watching that sexy ass in the air and on the toilet! In the final Clip she cranked out another one of those great Footlong monster Kidz she is famous for! The noises she made while pushing out will drive you crazy!!