Piss On My Black Tights

Rina’s Honey-coated Goodness

Rina loved the feeling of shitting liquefied poo; there was just something about pushing out something so wet and dry at the same time. Her anus opened up wide as the big end of her turd made its appearance, coated with a glossy golden syrup. The warmth of the syrupy shit made it easier to push out the rest as she felt her perineum move her pussy a little as she shat. She felt turned on by this movement and slowed down her shit as it desceneded, and imagined that she was being fucked as she shat on the toilet. She pussy moistened even more as the rest of the brown log flowed down easily, releasing slick trickles of the golden honey syrup around her anus. The shit made a squelching sound as it hit the toilet, because it was properly moist and heavy at the same time. The shit flaked in some places, but was solid and sticky as can be.

Outdoor Pee Slut

Slut gets pissed from a pervert outdoor.

Malaysia’s ‘cumming’ Out Her Shell!!

Malaysia is back and FUNKIER than ever!! Hopefully this is the 15 minutes that makes her famous!! Malaysia has only given scant traces of her face thus far. She was even reluctant in the making of these clips to do so, but finally she suprised me in the finale!! Enjoy four great new Plopptastic new clips as she not only reveals her face, but she gets stripped down to her birthday suit as well!! She works her way up to showing her face in each clip as she goes from barely showing it in the 1st two clips, to wearing a bandit mask in the third clip. to bearing it all in the finale!! And boy was she bearing it all!! Now you get to see the facial expressions as she makes those passionate groans as she releases her orgasmic logs!! This clip has it all – Grunting, straining, plopping, and cumming!!

P – 3 Drink My Pee Clip Mix – 12 – Hq 640×480

HQ 640×480, time 10:58. Toilet slavery. Toiletman will drink all her pee.