Piss On Pusdy

Little Treat For Toilet Slave

We have prepared a little treat just for you dirty pervert. Lie quietly beneath me and worship. You are going to have the luxury of swallowing our shit. You will enjoy it, and I will make sure you stay under my ass. It pleases me to see you looking up at me with those begging eyes and that arid mouth. I want you to suffer for me. So keep that mouth open nice and wide if you want to be rewarded. Consider yourself fortunate to be personally fed by two bbw mistress…

Twin Poop For Twin Pigs Part 6

Girls uses Man

Poop Pie

I know you guys love home cooking, so I thought I would make you a special, fresh, home-made apple pie! First I cut up a fresh apple in the kitchen wearing nothing but an apron and then i took it into the bathroom and added a nice hot layer of my steaming shit right on top of the apples! Of course it needed to be juicy so I pissed on the mixture and then I spread it nice and even and put a little cool whip right on top for you! Enjoy!