Piss On Satin

Pee Out Of A Bowl

Today my slavepig must drink the whole pee of the mistress. If he wants or not. I collect extra much pee for him, so he has a lot to drink. I pee the whole batch in a big bowl next to the jerk. After that he is allowed to drink the dregs of it. In order that nothing of this delicious and precious juice is left, the motherfucker need to lick out the whole bowl.

Eat The Chocolate From My Dirty Ass Part 1

Hi my love today I am very horny and I have a BIG surprise for you, because I know you are a chocolate lover I make chocolate just for you. My hand must go deep inside my ass chocolate factory to mix up your chocolate and make it nice and soft. I am so full my ass chocolate factory explodes many times and it gives me a lot of gas.I hope you enjoy watching me make the chocolate as much as you enjoy eating it.

Are You Hungry?

That is the question on that Miss Jane and Miss Cherie do not really expect an answer. The two girls decided long ago to shit and pee into the slaves mouth. So their livestock does not need additional food. Both girls use him as a toilet and make sure he swallows everything. The slave has no choice anyway, he swallows all from his mistresses.

Pushing Old Slave To His Limits Part 5

Here the Young-Dominas abuse an older Slave that visited and of course, first Things first, how many and how much can he tolerate. Part 5 English Subtitles