Piss Pants Mc Onalds

Mistress Roberta – High Heels To Suck Clean, Ass To Lick And Breakfast-pov

Today i took my sexy mini dress and high heels shit over the massage table and pee and after i decided to smear first the high heels for you to suck them clean, i take the shit in my hand to smear the sides of the high sole of the shoes, for you to lick it clean, my ass is also smeared form all the movements while shitting so i give it to you also to lick clean, and after all this teh shitty left overs are waiting you on the table so bon apetit.

Peeing On Her Face

Peeing on her face (JJ000485)

Scat For The Cur

The cur just whimpers that he is thirsty. Very good for him, that I have the shits. All into his feeding bowl ? so enjoy your meal! Now I want to have some fun. My heels leave these nice marks on curs. Especially his nipples seem to be sensitive. What a fun for me! Afterwards the cur gets some pee from me ? now he should not be thirsty any more.