Piss Party Exclusively

Daniela Starts To Enjoy A Human Toilet Part 3

Girls Uses Man

Huge Diarrhea Non Stop For 2 Minutes

Godess decide that today is time for a new huge and enormous diarrhea for my hungry mouth !! She announce me about this and told me to prepare myself. For this one time/life time oportunity, i just buy a new mouth for me, to can catch more diarrhea from my Mistress. She decide to go in her bathroom because she don’t wanna make a mess in her rooms or her lobby, or her kitchen. laying in bath tub with my new mouth inside, my fate was clear, must receive all for Godess pleasure. She doing Diarrhea for about 1-2 minutes continuously and at the end, told me to make myself dirty and stroke my cock. The smell in bath was unbelievable !!

Shitting In A Solarium!

Hi, i am doing a poop on a working soliarium, that will be used by another girl within minutes after I left the cabin.. – I good love that kinky stuff!!