Piss Pee Drink Self

Slave Shit Eat Task

Goddess is pooping an peeing on slave,ordering to eat farts,shit and drink fresh pee.She uses you like her toilet paper to clean her asshole.

Foot Slave Turned Toilet Slave 2

Foot bitch, get over here. NOW. It’s time for day 2 of your toilet training. Aren’t you so fucking excited? *Smirks* But first, I have to tease you with my beautiful feet, don’t I? In fact, I think I’m going to make today particularly humiliating. I think I’m going to make you lick dirty, crusty, nose nuggets off my shoes. HAHAHA. Mmmm, you will love eating those delicious boogers, won’t you? You’d do anything to be near my feet. It’s really quite amazing what all I can make you do. You’re just a pathetic, little freak after all. So, we are going to take these nugget crusted shoes into My utility bathroom. Here you will succumb to your new found shit desires. You are going to worship My ass as well as licking the nuggets off My shoes. My rules are the same as before. While you are in there, I want you to keep your eyes down. You’re either looking at the shit coming out of my ass, or you’re staring at my fucking feet. You’re not allowed to look up. Do NOT make eye contact with me. Understand? Good. Get ready for your 2nd toilet slave session…


Nasty farting ,peeing and pooping in sexy spandex tights and leather jacket!

The New Irristible Toilet Chair Part 8

Here the Girls came together to test the new Toilet Chair and put over the Slave and shit into him one after another. Part 8 with Diana. English Subtitles