Piss Pee Panty

Shit And Cum

Miss Jane takes a long walk, accompanied by her own slaves who would do anything for her. Today she tests his concession, he can lick her dirty Nike Air Max shoes while she sits comfortably on his back. Then she changes position and sits directly on his face. Below follows a wank instructions, under her announcements the slave must rub his limb, sometimes faster, sometimes slower as she says. He’s still fighting for air because she’s still sitting on his skull. After the slave has squirted his sperm he has to lick it from his hand and gets another surprise. His mistress shits directly on his belly where the rest of the cum sticks and then orders him to stuff everything in his mouth and swallow everything down. Trembling and under strangling he obeys and shows how much he has fallen for his mistress.

Human Public Toilet Continued

This captive specimen has been housed in this public toilet for sometime. His responsibility is to wait for each delivery of feces of pee from a total stranger. He never knows which he will get but on this occasion he is given a solid piece of pure sweet shit which he eagerly consumes. In line with his responsibility, after consuming the full load he cleans the ladies assholes with his hard working tongue.

The Toilet Slave Is Fed

It is shown here, how I pee and shit in a glass bowl. My slave must slurp all this completely. First he is fed and then he must clean all with his hands and his straw.

Pissing 9

The Pissing-Queen Lucilla messed up uses a glass table as a toilet. Lying under the glass table you can watch one’s activities and enjoy as its golden rain lashes on you.