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My girl ESP is back in effect mode!! The OG Legend has partnered up with Ladies Keeping It FUNKY and is back to bringing her blend of natural toilet action!! Enjoy as she sneaks away from from her family to drop another set of kidz off at the pool!! Enjoy as she tinkles and plops her way through three hot new clips!! She’s gotten thicker with time…looks like 80% of that went straight to that ass of hers sheesh!! LOL

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Weekend Toilet Was Extremely Often Used

I bet you’ve already got a hard cock reading the headline! And now you look at the thumbnails and imagine that you are the toilet! This video will surpass all your fantasies. Your dream becomes reality! The happy toilet in the video had the honor of serving me and my friends as a toilet from Friday to Sunday! 3 times he ate my shit and a lot more…. In the meantime (if he was not used) I locked him out in the shed. So I could practically take it with me everywhere like a portable camping toilet and use it anytime. I used it several times a day. On Friday morning, Outdoor on the way to work. A good dose of morning shit right in his mouth! On Saturday evening, just before we go to the disco. While I am attending the party with my girls. A fat Shit sausage again directly in his mouth. This time also a lot of hygiene waste such as tampons etc. Then on Sunday, the crowning conclusion. After the last party night. Extreme diarrhea. I have never shit more in my life as on this day. Of course, everything in his mouth! Then he was finally able to fuck off. How he had to jerk off on my command and lot of more humiliations and punishment he had to make else in the other three days, you will experience in this video.

The Car Breaks Down

On a dirty road my car breaks down. The called mechanic is too stupid, to do his job properly. The loser thinks he can fool me. After some persuasion I obeyed the Loser’s word, and I can do with him what I want. I use his mouth as a toilet, a really nice load of shit he gets right down into his mouth. After he swallowed everything he gets also a delicacy from me.