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Shit Parade

I wanted after various bad toilets once again a really full shit. For this I packed the livestock into a leather bag and brought my girls into it. One after the other we all three shit ourselves over his mouth and order him to swallow everything. He had no choice, we literally stuffed him and with punches and kicks made sure that he strangled the whole shit down. Good thing there were three of us, so he learned how a toilet has to work. No matter how many of my girls have to go to the toilet, the critters have to learn to swallow even large amounts if we all have to shit and piss at the same time.

Boarding School Lunch Break! – Part 2

As if smearing shit on each other ain’t enough, these chicks have to put puking in the equation! They shove their fingers in their throats to produce as much puke as possible and they smear the disgusting liquid on each other’s shit-smeared bodies!

Girl Pissing In A Bottle And Fills His Urine Back Into The Pussy.

Girl pissing in a bottle and fills his urine back into the pussy.

Group Scat Sex – 2

My wife, our bitch neighbor and two guys. Amazing poop and pee group session.