Piss Pusy Kiss

In The Sunshine

A hot Asian-American girl has fun in the sun playing with herself by the pool, then squats to take a nice, thick shit on her towel.

Chloe Carter Epic Jeans Peeing Wetting

Sexy real amateur 19YO Chloe does her 2nd ever wetting video and it’s an epic jeans pisser!!! She talks about how much water she’s drank earlier & holds her bladder wearing some VERY skintight ripped light blue jeans with white Keds sneakers and PINK brand cotton thong type panties. She does a little pee pee dance & talks about how her belts is pushing her bladder around. Chloe tells a story of how she peed in a stand up tanning booth before she totally pees her tight jeans!!! it pours off her cuffs and into her white keds & onto the floor. There’s so much pee streaming off her & it looks so nice & shiny off the denim. Her jeans are soaked completely with pee & then she takes off her shoes & shows you the damage as well as peels off her peed in jeans & shows off her pissy wet panties for you! She’s kind of shy but talks when prompted and asked questions, a true amateur tattooed cutie!

Clean This Shit Off My Feet

Tune in and listen to Mistress Raw Desires degrades you about eating shit. She takes the soft white tissue and rubs it between her toes. She wishes there was a slave to lick her toes clean. Tune in if you watched the other two clips this is a nice finish.