Piss Rape Diaper

Mia Led The Slave Into The Bathroom And Shitted All Over The Slave.full Version.

Mia shits and pisses into the slave’s mouth. The Lady sits with her ass on the face of the hoodie. Mia laughs, spits on his face, smears her chocolate over it and sticks her feet in his mouth.

Toilet In Train

First time I have to do my things in toilet train.I have to use a lot of toilet paper to wipe my ass because my brownie was very soft.

Open Our Toilet Mouth Slave P2

Now the turd in his mouth. Eat and swallow slave. For that Mistress Michelle gives him more time and animate their toilet slave more. After he had swallow all the shit she has a surprise for the slave. Mistress Michelle was riding a short time before and now she has a nice portion horse shit for him.

Pee On My Knickers

This starts off with him peeing on her knickers and then some full sex. Shortly after, she pisses in his mouth leaving a large pool on the bed.