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Oxana Tight Panties Messy

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You Have To Suffer Neither Hunger Nor Thirst

You never have to suffer hunger nor thirst, because one of my ladies must always piss or shit. Jane had both and was even so kind to feed the slave. His retching she skillfully ignored and shoveled spoonful tenderly in his mouth. Only after the entire piss-shit mix from bowl was eaten up, she allowed him to go back to his cell. Brave slave – I’m proud of him *smile*.

Scat Domination White Scat Pants – 2 Domina 1 Slave

2 strong domina Girls start to have a big dinner. after they need to big shit and they shit all their hot stuff in their white pants, until the pants are brown. The slave is used to clean their pants. Strong movie with big shit from 2 dominas!!!!

Mistress Rayven Compilation 2 720p

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