Piss Shit Finger

Barbie Doll Dressed With Feces!

Being alone at home has made this sweetheart feel the worst kind of boredom! When she could no longer handle it, she starts finding ways to keep herself occupied and most of them are out of the ordinary! Eventually, things got a little bit out of hand and sexual! She would grab a Barbie doll and then serve its feet into her mouth! Shortly after coating it with her saliva, she rubs the toy’s head on her crotch and then penetrates one leg into her pussy and the other in her asshole! She would thrust a couple of times before putting the toy down on the floor and stripping off her clothes! Once she is rendered completely naked, she defecates on the doll! She doesn’t just settle with a couple of chunks, but instead, completely empties her rectum! By then, she picks it up and then spreads her filth all over the doll as well as on her body!

Super Collection Kate

Princess Kate acquires an obedient toilet slave. Every day Kate uses the slave’s mouth for her needs. Every morning, as she wakes up, she pisses and drops shit in his mouth. She often calls her friends to use the slave’s mouth as a toilet. Today, she makes his mouth full of chocolate shit. Do you want to be in his place?

Your Demon

You’re a very shy Arab boy … you’ve always been very religious and you have a lot embarassment when you are alone with a woman. Well this is your dream. Your Mistress is Italian, with long muscular legs, and feet tattooed. You are on the floor and she takes your Qur’an. Is this the Qur’an that you parents geve you some times ago. Your Mistress start to telling you that… simple… Your god does not exist. Then take a small vibrator and masturbate in fron of your face untile she cover the book of her juice. You will clear the pages and her tell you of make a good blow job with the pages full of squirting. Now.. she gonna to piss all on it… are you ready to challenge you limits?

Shit Burst Out

Her ass is already shitty before she starts to shit. Soon as she bends over the shit comes flying out and you can hear the farts that comes out with every push. It truly is some smelly, nasty shit!Contact her