Piss Slave Lesbian Ation

Dancing With Poop In Mouth And Eating Shit!

Half an hour of mad, cruel eating of poop!!!Crazy bizarre dancing and swallowing!(Dancing with poop in my mouth)Hello all my lovely! I’m Laura!I finally learned how to swallow poop properly! ? And with a smile on his face:)After filming the previous clip, I learned to swallow poop well! ?And now I write from myself with a clear conscience.Short about itself: am sports – bodybuilding.I like everything unusual and perverted.I used to take hormones and anabolic steroids for results and now I’m taking poop and drinking urine instead.:)I’m a very perverted woman.:)I love crazy, kinky sex!In this clip:1) I very plentifully a Poo and it all shot very, very close-up!2) I dance with a huge poop in my mouth… (Madly and depraved) I Think everyone will like it.3) I’m eating poop one by one…4) I swallow poop with a smile on my face! ?5) Shit in this clip very many! ? but I eat absolutely all the poop!!!And finally I can say that no one else can swallow and eat real poop like me!!!… ?

Cute Poo 3

The cute American girl is back with some very messy action. She takes a nice dump on top of her toilet, then she spreads her shit all over her tits and on her face.

Underneath My Toilet Chair

Order:I want the whole video filmed from underneath you in the toilet chair.I want you to place the camera straight underneat your toilet chair filming upwards with the lid of the toilet closed.Then enter the room in a bra and nice skinny jeans and g-string,open the toilet, look down at the camera for a couple of seconds, laugh and say ooh… what are you doing down there? Well… good luck down there little man….Then you turn around and slowly pull your pants down,showing your ass in the g-string teasing for a little while over the toilet Then pull the g-string down and sit down on the toilet. Then just fart,pee, poop as much as you can. Say how are you doing down there little man? And laugh. keep your thighs close together and pee while you fart loud and poop.Then wipe your butt and pussy while sitting on the toilet, throw the papers inside as you wipe. then slowly stand up and look inside while laughing silently and smiling at the camera and then say something like ooh.. look at you.. poor man.. what a mess Laugh loud and close the toilet.

Goddess Roberta Dirty Socks Humiliation And Shit Play

Mistress Roberta playing again with her slave today, on her birthday. She love to feel a mouth and tongue on her dirty socks….so she call her slave in her new apartment and because everywhere was dirty on the floor, she can do a socks fetish session. She also will use his pathetic toilet for full toilet after the socks smelling part. She feed her toilet with her shit and abuse his mouth until she is satisfied by how much he ingest. Happy Birthday Mistress Roberta !