Piss Slave Men

Poop In Panties Joi

Goddess is giving you jerk off instruction while pooping in panties after she is ordering you to eat her shit.

A Sit Down After Home Party

After the home party and rush straight to the bathroom. I pull down my thong and sit down for some much needed relief. I choke the toilet reading the magazine. When I’m finished I stand up and see the state of the bowl. “OMG beautiful big shit I’ll show you.” Then I wipe my dirty ass. I pull up my thong, adjust my short dress and walk out.

You Shall Eat Shit Forever

Some slaves voluntarily eat my shit, others are not ready and need to be fixed while I fully poop into the mouth. Just as my present toilet, I have the Loser fixed completely defenseless, my toilet seat placed directly over his mouth and shat myself properly. Completely scared he decides obediently to follow my instructions. I do not need to torment him so hard – the pure threat is enough. So he chews my huge pile of shit and swallows everything, even spit and piss find their way into his stomach. I like it this way – giving up I will not tolerate!

Mega Shit In The Slaves Mouth With Shit Eating, Piss Drinking And Brushing Teeth With Shit!

And again, a new toilet slave for me. He knows what he has to do, I sat down first with my ass on his face and he had to lick my asshole clean. He was trembling with fear what awaits him. Then I pooped a huge pile of shit in his mouth and on top pissed. He had to swallow everything, then I have his teeth brushed with my shit with a toothbrush. Since some shit still was left, I ordered him to take them and to jerk his cock with it until he splashed.