Piss Slave Shorts

Couple Shares The Same Fetish: Poop Eating! – Full Movie

It is the second anniversary of a couple and so they decide to get really dirty, literally! Inside their bedroom, the sweetheart takes of her panties and has the man smell it to his heart’s content! After which, the guy strips until naked and then lies down on the floor, making it easy for the woman to sit on top of his face and have him orally pleasure her! Once she gets contented, she gets off of him and he begins finger fucking both her asshole and pussy! She later returns the favor by giving him a handjob! Shortly after, the two swap spit between their mouths! Though, they do not spend much time on it, instead, immediately proceed to quench their next fetish! The guy lies down on the floor and the sweetheart defecates inside his mouth! He then chews and makes everything disappear by gulping all of it down! The sweetheart didn’t give him everything, instead, she spared some on her hands which she then devours! It doesn’t end there! With her dirty hands, she smears feces all over the guy’s dick and proceeds to give him a handjob which she later follows with a footjob! While in the middle of doing so, she is able to release more poop which she swaps in between their mouths! After which, she resumes with the cock sucking, only stopping after she manages to make him cum!

Nasty Load In The Sink!!!

I had to poo so bad! So I climbed up on the sink, and released a nasty pile of my chocolate goodness right into it! I then examine my scat pile, and proceed to smear it all over my beautiful body. I get sooo turned on by the mess and smell, that I had to play with my pussy a little. I also finger my butt hole until I have a quick little orgasm, leaving my pussy wet and creamy! How about you try to climax at the same time as me? Don’t you love watching Mystress T covered in her shit? Does it make you hard? Don’t you wish you could clean up this shitty mess in the sink for me? I Should make you clean me off using only your mouth, you filthy slave! 🙂

202. Big Shit

202. This is my BIG SHIT of the 1 st July 2015. So, it is so fresh, and so warm, and so smelling…. but you can not taste it if you will not come here by me in Sardinia for yours holidays! Unluckly there is no slave to eat it, but my shit was so hard and beautifull that i decide to do a clip when i do it. Yhe SHIT is from a ‘Risotto alla Milanese bianco’, i like to kook it, that means white rice Milaneense receipt, with onoin (White onions), PARMIGIANO, olive oil, may be some butter. I kook very well, all my european slaves love my dishes, the day before and… the day after, when they can taste the same speciallity directly from my ass. MP4. Enjoy to think you are here to eat it!!!!! I’m shitting and peeing in this clip, ALL TOGETHER!