Piss Small Tot Blonde

Mistress Gaia – Good Luck

My human toilet is very lucky, his Mistress is having lunch while he’s licking my boots, I’m so good that when I finished eating, even for him it’s time to eat, I will serve him a really fresh and fragrant lunch.

Billie’s 2nd Time’s A Charm! Sweet Relief!!

Billie had one helluva bootyfull struggle in this clip!! This is one from Halloween I forgot to share. Better late than never!!! Billie had a constipated morning. She tries to go when she first wakes up, enjoy as she farts and pisses a lot, but no relief. She Must have been eating rocks!! She comes back later in the day and finnally gets that sweet relief!! Watch up close as you can see her winking eye open and close as she pushes out the rocks. After the Rocks, man did she really let out some MONSTERS!!! Easily one of the Biggest Loads so far this year!!! Enjoy her sexy grunting and straining while also giving “plop by plop” commentary!! lol She even has to tell a girlfriend to go ahead without her as she drops this load!! She even talks about how her boyfriend and her girlfriend (yeah she has both!) are encouraging of her making clips for us all since she gets paid for it!! After watching this, you too will think it’s awesome!!! This is by far one of my favorite Billie Austin Clips!! Grunting, straining, tons of pissing, little plops, MONSTER plops, great commentary – you name it!!!

Training New Boyfriend To Eat Her Piss And Scat! – Full Movie

She has tons of other suitors, but she decided to choose this one guy. Why? Because he’s the only one willing to put up with her nasty shit, like eating her bodily fluids and waste. Now she trains him to do so, sitting on his face and feasting on what comes out from her. She pees into a bottle and makes him drink it. She shits on his face and scatters it all over his face. She makes him lick the remaining scat off her asshole.


Baby is loading pink tights with messy shit!