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Comfortable Poop Eating Part 1

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Tina Blade Uses My Shit Eater

Tina Blade is visiting me again, and it has been such a long time since we had fun together. Tina can really shit a lot, and very often so my toilets will never go hungry with her around! I have my slave come into the room, and I explain that he will be fed by Tina. Tina picks up quickly, and have him lay down under the chair. I make it pretty clear that his job is to consume her shit, because it will be his only meal today! So he lays down and Tina start shitting in his toilet mouth. She shits a lot! Both Tina and me make sure he eats it all! If he throws up it will be a big problem for him! Tina even shove the shit down his throat with her hand! I just love having her around. ;)(Other cam version at Scat and Piss Femdom)

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once again Kimi Cat use a worthless loser for shitting and vomiting in his mouth.