Piss Stimulation

Sable’s Up Close Creamin’ And Crappin!!

Sable was absolutely BURSTING to unload in these clips!!! Sable is back with four super hot new clips. Enjoy as this 6’1” Amazon puts the camera down just in time to unleash an EXPLOSIVE creamy dump with her ass hovering right in front the camera!! enjoy as she starts with a steady stream of snakes that splash all the way up to the camera!! Dropping these heavy bombs from her ass up close in the first three scenes, you can see as the poop and jizz shoots out and splashes into bowl. These were some massive short and quick loads!! All action no filter in all four clips!! Threee up close behind the bowl clips and an overhead finale from a great angle as you can see and hear her nuggets plop into the toilet!!

Mistress Emily – Marvelous Taste Of Shit

What could be nicer than being under my ass when I want to shit. Inhale the aroma of my smelly farts and enjoy licking my dirty ass, before the shit begins to come out in your mouth. A hard piece of shit comes out of my ass and presses your throat, but you can’t stop this process, and you have to swallow it quickly. Juicy female excretions flow down into the mouth of my toilet slave. Smell my shit – it’s delicios.

Has To Eat Shit – Hd Version

Mistress Nikole again was free and wanted to humiliate and again use her toilet slave to eat shit. She was just about ready to fill him hungry mouth with a large portion of her divine shit. After she finishes using the slave’s mouth as a toilet, she pushes into her mouth all the shit that came out of her so that the slave smothered with pleasure and then she spit into his shitty mouth !! At the end after using her toilet she enjoys the performance of eating her shit!


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