Piss Swallow Drinka

Mistress Gaia – Enjoy Your Meal, Dog!

ENGLISH SPOKENCome here dog, look, I have a new collar for you. It’s big and heavy and will always remind you that you are my property. Now it’s time for your meal. I’m going to prepare it myself, just for you. What a lucky dog you are!!!! Watch your Mistress while she prepares your food and drink; it is beautiful view, isn’t it? Enjoy your meal now and, when you are done, go back to your dog house.

My Toilet Slave Drink All Ep.6

We arrived at the end of the slave toilet training path as far as the golden rain.In this wonderful episode Mistress Giorgia Divine decides that for his slave training is over: now the slave must drink and swallow the golden rain of his mistress.Obviously stark naked lying on the floor in the bathroom, the mistress comes and crushes the slave’s penis with the shoe to show the slave that she has total control….It lowers on the slave’s face and begins a countdown prior to piss: suddenly starts an abundant piss on more jets: the slave swallows hard all that pisses. The Mistress ago then close the mouth to the slave and continues to piss on the face, letting the rain inside the nose so that the slave hard to breathe! After the piss, as the Mistress now of habit she dries her pussy with toilet paper and orders his slave to open the toilet for stuffing them with the used toilet paper.Of course at this point the Mistress begins to fill with spit his slave in the face, on him, on the penis ….In the end Mistress gives the slave a chance to masturbate to orgasm, the toilet slave has to do it while with the shoe Mistress crushes balls! Fantastic Mistress !!!

Tasty Anal Beads

Anal beads never tasted so good

P – Mw – Lick My Flip-flops And Drink My Pee – Hd 1280×720

HD 1280×720, time 8:23. Slave is licking flip-flops of Weronika and drink her pee.