Piss Swallow Drinker

Laura – Shiteater 2

This time Laura eats a lot more shit than last time! She ate almost all the shit! Carefully follow the progress of Laura!

Unknown Man Holding Shit In Public Toilet!

Public toilet with a unknown man hand holding the shit instead of it falling on the toilet bowl she doesn?t even realize he is there!!!

Well Trained Prisoner Consumes Wardens Shit

As we have seen in previous clips from the prison of scatology, some are trained and some aren’t. This prisoner has been here a long time and he is fully trained. The prison warden knows this and she normally saves an extra large load for his hungry mouth. She pushes him down to the floor and squats over him before filling his mouth up with shit but the shit keeps on coming and before long his mouth appears to have a small brown mountain erupting from his mouth. He cannot help but drop some on the floor has it is impossible for him to consume this vast quantity of shit but as the warden orders, he is not allowed to waste any and must consume the rest of it off the floor. ***SPECIAL DISCOUNT***