Piss Swallow Group

My Asshole Needs Cleaner!

Oh, my dear guy. You’re different from all the other guys who come to see me, aren’t you? You don’t even want me to touch you… you don’t even wanna FUCK me… is it true, that you’re one of those pervs who just wants to eat a girl’s poop? Oh my god, it’s you are! Exactly who I am looking for… So you just like to look and eat my shit? You enjoy me teasing you with this plump white girl ass? Watching me take off these tights and showing off my sweet hole, you little shit worm, as I push out your meal… and eat now my hot girl shit… relish my feminine scent

Twerking Big Shitty Ass

You realy like being my toilet, stupid pig? Excitedly watching as I shit wherever I want, and you get to obsess over each pile of my shit and want to eat it up as you please? Quite exactly – It’s all for you, toilet. Quite a treat! And you get to eat it up wholly. Are you happy you have a Mistress to clean up after? You better lick my ass, loser. Watching twerk and Eat My Shit! ?

Really Smelly Enema From Alina In Mouth Slave

What can be more smelly and disgusting to taste than female shit? – Only badly digested female shit, obtained with enema! Even an experienced toilet slave could not cope with such a stench. Alina screamed at the slave and makes everyone swallow, but the smell was really smelly. Sensing this diabolical smell, Alina experienced pity for the slave and allowed him not to swallow.

Princess April First Time And Slave In Floor Integrated Part 2

Here the Girls out the Slave Underground to better serve them Part 2. English Subtitles