Piss Swallowing Videos

Even Nice Hotels Get Shit In

I’m here to meet a lucky boy but, first, let me clog this bowl.

Best Christmas Present Ever!

The huge text in the free preview/GIF is NOT in the video. I walk in, wearing my sexy santa outfit. “Hey sexy. I know exactly what you want for Christmas. You’re a naughty boy aren’t you? You want to watch me shit while you stroke your cock.” I tease you, then take my thong off and get in doggystyle position in front of you. I push out a very large load of soft, moist logs, which slide down my pussy and on to the floor. Then I show you my dirty ass and pussy and finally show the big pile on the floor. “Mmm, you just came so hard to that, didn’t you? I told you I knew exactly what you wanted. Merry Christmas!”

Kitchen Shit

In Leo-style I pose for you in my kitchen. Leopanty, Leosocks, Leoheels! Then I poop once again a really big pile on the floor, wipe my ass, show you the smeared toiletpapers and then we have a look at these warm!

Mistress Rayven Compilation 2 720p

9 of Mistress Rayvens clips totally 65 minutes worth of video and a ton of shit for half the price!!!