Piss Th Rough Nose

Different Shits

Sometimes girls just wanna have fun :-)I’m not a huge fan is sticking things up my ass accept if it’s someone’s tongue but every now and then I do indulge in sticking my own finger deep up my ass into my full rectum.In the first part of this clip I do this during a massive diarrhea and you can see how soaking wet my vagina gets from this. A vagina swelling & getting wet without any cuts in the clip is something you simply can’t fake. I LOVE doing this!In the second part of this clip I must have set some kind of record. The first turd broke off but that second one…..It was so creamy & thick but more importantly. I’ve NEVER pushed out such a long turd, it literally curled at the bottom of the toilet bowel and just kept coming. After that one I thought it must’ve been over but no….a THIRD one also came. I was so overwhelmed by the feeling of relieve that I peed for you as well, watch the multiple streams of my golden fluid run out of my vagina. Just for you xoxo

Mistress Gaia – Message In A Bottle

CUSTOM REQUEST – I would like a video with me watching you pee into a bottle marked for me. Whilst doing it, please say my name. Then when finished seal the bottle, and write something I will regognize on it and send it to me…

She Couldn’t Hold Her Pee Anymore!

She has this rare medical condition in which she’s having a hard time holding her pee. Until she’s cured, they advise her to wear a diaper everytime she goes out. But she forgets to do this when goes for a coffee run this morning so the expected happened; she had to pee all over her pants! Her friend reprimanded her for not wearing a diaper before going out so they make her lie down in bed like an infant and slap a diaper around her bum.