Piss Throatcompilation

Suzuki Tomomi Pooping 2

Suzuki Tomomi releases a tall piss fountain and then poops. Later she inserts a suppository and poops it out while peeing and winking her anus. Multi-angle views.

Mistress Gaia – In Contemplation Of The Divine Shit

My toilet-slave is going to receive a pile of shit onto his mouth, but not only: he will receive also many lashes that I will give him by means of my flogger. The shit is really a lot and covers his mouth and nose, so the slave can hardly breathe. At some point the shit falls to the floor and the slave can eat it more comfortably, but only after having contemplated the shit in silence, as a holy relic of his Goddess!!

My Hot Chocolate For A Hotel Guest!

A user, had written me down because he was on business trip in Münster and stayed overnight in a hotel. He had seen that I also offer KV delivery service, in Münster. And he wanted to be used by me as a toilet slave and eat my hot chocolate. So I visited him in his hotel room and he got my hot chocolate, right from the source, into his mouth. And of course not only my hot shit, but I gave him also my snot and my piss, in his mouth. He had to swallow my snot and piss as much as my shit. I had dominated him until he had eaten all my shit. Even the shit, which had landed on the ground. He had booked it so he had to! I know well, not a pardon, with slaves. Look at it and you know what I mean. This filthy female Domination and Toilett-Slavery video you see again from 3 camera perspectives!

Full Painting In Diareea

today full painting in diareea four my slave