Piss Voyager Cam

Welcoming My New Toilet Slave

Here you are, my new toilet slave. Ready to eat my waste? I really have the urge to shit right now. But first I wanted to have a little talk with you. I will probably be the first and only time I’ll talk to you, cause after all… you are just a toilet.I’ll tell you about my rules and what’s gonna happen in your new life as a toilet. Remember that you agreed to be my toilet. There is no turning back! You are a human toilet for life!I am ready to empty my bowels right in your wide opened mouth, on your nasty face! I’m constipated and you can hear me moan as I push. It’s my first poop in 9 days! My asshole is burning so bad! Use your tongue to make me forget the pain and lick me clean! Put your tongue inside to check if there is still something there.I almost want you to fail as a human toilet because I would love to beat the shit out of you! Now eat all my delicious shit! You will only eat my shit and drink my piss from now on!*Close-up of my poop at the end of the video.

Sparkles Twerking, Grunting, Straining, Tinkling And Plopping!!

This clip right here….No lie making the gif for this one even made my “Flagpole go FULL STAFF” if you catch my drift!! My shy newbie is really coming out her shell in this one!! Enjoy as shimmies, shakes, Twerks, Toots, poots, and of course Poops her way through nearly 12 minutes of action!! Enjoy as she squeezes out those nice thick turds and some nice pissing!! I have a regular that told me she had the best ass he’s seen on my site. I told him I don’t now, but after watching this clip he might be right!! Lil Stink, Aria, Ms Jenkins, and Melissa now gotta make room in the Best Booty division!!! Enjoy her twerkin’ it out at home and at work. Then don’t let me get into her juicy pussy!! She has the greatest Camel toe I have ever seen!! Enjoy ALL of her in these clips as she even shows off those lovely perky tits as well!! She is fast shooting to the top!!!

Rachel Evans Her First Piss 03

So many of you guys love Rachel Evans piss and shit clips. Here we are look what we found this is a very very early clip of her when she was 18 or 19…her first clip pissing in slaves mouth, spitting, feet and ass worship.

Pampers,plastic,pussy And Poop!

I poop my little pampers and have fun masturbating and squishing the mess all over my bum. The plastic pants I put on keeps the pampers so warm inside. All this warmth, and a squishy mess all over, gives me the best orgasm ever!