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Bathtube Shit

I enjoy a big hard shit into bathtube! Why don’t you lay down and enjoy it too? 😉

Mistress Margo – Turd Feeding From Plate

Mistress Margo working hard this weekend ! She call her personal toilet again and again and again…almost everyday ! She recorded another combined movie with bdsm, ashtray, face sitting, humiliation, turds on plate, feeding turds, etc She was dressed in a crotchless panty, stockings and a top. As usually, she use his mouth to clean her shoes, sucking her heels, clean her stockings and as an ashtray.

Eat The Chocolate Rom My Dirty Ass Part 2

Hello my chocolate lover, I have another BIG surprise for you, because I know you are a chocolate lover I make chocolate just for you. Watch me push my shit back in my ass and Fart it out or you.My hand must go deep inside my ass chocolate factory to mix up your chocolate and make it nice and soft for big shitty farts.

Pissed Off Wife Scats On Husband! – Part 1

I placed a bottle on his mouth, then I peed on it so the piss will go straight to his tonsils! I made the bastard drink all my piss!