Pissed Mouth Mom Teach Cry

The Piss With The Brush

Today the bizarre and sadistic Mistress Giorgia wants to beat and humiliate her toilet slave.The lucky slave is bound by the Mistress hands and feet and put on his knees in front of the Queen.The Mistress starts to beat the slave with a wand and kicks him in the balls, the slave suffers hard but the humiliations have just begun …The bizarre Mistress takes off the towel and puts it in the mouth of the slave then takes a glass and pisses inside.The slave who is blindfolded from the beginning does not know what awaits him: the sadist Mistress Giorgia takes a brush and starts to brush the face of the toilet, making him suck the Divine piss from the brush.Naturally, the glass remains empty ….

Shit In Pantyhose

I’m starting to shit. this I do in my pantyhose. my shit can be seen close-up. tights are full of crap. I am pleased with myself. I take off my pantyhose and show shit close up. I smear shit on the ass. this is a super sensation.

Oxana Pink Plastic Panties

Oxana is pooping messy shit pink plastic panties.

Mistress Gaia Wish You A Merry Christmas

At Christmas, we are all good and … I confess, I’m too,! So I decided to give you your most valuable asset, my shit, using the special christmas wrapping paper. The letters of your wishes are finally fulfilled. Next slaves, bon appetit! We know that the holidays are made for the big binge, come on!