Pissed On Bu Her

A Sit Down After Home Party

After the home party and rush straight to the bathroom. I pull down my thong and sit down for some much needed relief. I choke the toilet reading the magazine. When I’m finished I stand up and see the state of the bowl. “OMG beautiful big shit I’ll show you.” Then I wipe my dirty ass. I pull up my thong, adjust my short dress and walk out.

Vika White Pantyhose Diareeah

Vika is sexy med nurse and came after work,has nice stinky diareeah for you in sexy white pantyhose!

Scat Chocolates With My Rosette Shaped

I squeeze out a piece of my sausage and pinch my rosette together. Finest scat chocolates came out… hmmmm delicious

Woman Wc Part 3

This woman toilet is tossed around by the three men and at the end receives their warm piss. The thing that is fascinating about this video is that the bith is really beautiful and totally submissive