Pissed On Dress

My Personal Wc

As a good open your mouth and make yourself useful for what you are, or a human process, your goddess enters the bathroom with red high heels, it makes you open your little mouth, takes a beautiful glass bowl and pees into it so you can imagine to sip every precious drop coming out of the little hole in my pussy, you like it but it is not everything even their stool in the bowl, there cago into thinking it’s your silly mouth to take it all …. then I take the paper the I clean well I would use your shirt to do it …… and pull him sciaquone of jerk download

Couch To Tub Nastiness!!!

I ate so much last night and I just know I’m gonna poop a lot today 🙂 There’s a couch in my bedroom and today I’m gonna be taking a shit on it. Come watch as I get on the couch doggie style and shit out a massive one which I then take with me to the bathroom and smear all over my pretty ass…won’t you join me…

You Want To See Everything?

I’ll show you everything … put me in front of you on the back and shit going on!