Pissed On For Rent

Mistress Roberta – Toilet Training For My Pot

Today my bitch pot will have a toilet training that will not easly forget first of all i start to shit in his mouth and because is was way too much to be holded in his mouth only i started to spread it all over his body after some humiliation and deperesonalization

Outdoor Pissing And Shitting-been Caught Hit

I go run in the Forest and then i must Pissing and shitting!! I reject the leg to the tree and then comes the spreader beam Piss…..then I turn around and shit!! Hear two voices at once,pants were hardly noticed already caught up-upps!!

Pool Piss Party 24

Giant Lady and Princess Clarissa spits in his mouth, and give him some piss from a glas!

Toilet Slave’s Aerobic Lessons Part 5

The Princess Team in a Workout and the Toilet Slave has to go where he is needed. Mainly yo poop into him. Part 5 with Valery. English Subtitles