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Queen Sylvy’s Cramps And Plops

Queen Sylvy sent this one from her vaults!! She was on her time of the month, and this was the 3rd day in a row of cramps, plops and pad changes!! She was sick and tired of it, but the show must go on!! Enjoy a nice mix grunting and straining, plops, pee, and pad and tampon changes.

Eat My Huge Dump Baked Into Brownies

Want to buy some of my tasty chocolate-y deep dish brownies? Watch me make this kinky treat. First I spread my legs and reveal my juicy delicious pussy and perky asshole and push out a Huge Thick shit that swirls and plops into the tray where I then start mixing. The mixture gets dark and chocolatey and then bakes into a earthy sweet smelling brownie loaf. Who doesnÂ’t like a girl who has a body like mine AND bakes ;D Are you kinky enough to buy a loaf and eat it after watching this video? Tell me yes, baby!

Training To The Toilet P1

Mistress Michelle trains the toilet slave. He may lick her feet first. Then she spits in his slave mouth. Then Mistress pisses Michelle through the cage and shits the slave in the mouth.

Mistress Gaia – Total Wc Under Throne

In order to receive my divine shit, this worm accepts to be massacred on his cock … when I will be satisfied, the reward will be great, he will taste My shit and eat it completely!