Pissed The Bandaged Eyes

Lick My Shitty Ass – Hd Version

In this video I will masturbate on the camera. When I got tired of doing it I suddenly wanted to defecate. Just by the way on the floor was my toilet slave. I started to shit on his face. He was happy with a bunch of shit on his mug. I told him to eat my shit. When he ate his dinner, he had to lick my ass clean. He touched his tongue deep into my hole. Lick it, dirty pig.

Scheming Bitches Punished By Scat! – Full Movie

The girls found out that these two bitches were talking shit behind their backs and they intend to make them pay! They corner the girls in the classroom and throw fruits at them! They strip the uniforms off them and make them lie down helplessly on the floor. One by one, the girls take turns shitting on their lying faces!

Mega Giant Sausage From My Rosette

Can not believe it,so a big turd crass i had never seen!! stretches my asshole and hardly listens to!!so close you can see this!!I love it…