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The Surprise

Miss Jane takes her slave a step further, he was already educated for several weeks. After he was initially only suitable for cleaning services, he learned to drink piss, swallow spit, lick shoes clean and be a living carpet. Today it is the first time that he has to eat shit. Miss Jane has promised only a surprise – he will know what happens when his mouth is filled with her warm shit. He has to close his eyes and hold his mouth open, Miss Jane crouches over him, pushing a large mushy shit directly into his mouth. The slave shivers and not looking what to do, but Miss Jane unmistakably tells him that he has to eat everything. With much disgust he chokes gradually down most of their shit, then he still gets a charge pee to rinse. From now on, he is a fully functional toilet.

A Sign Showing That She Passed By

A forest road in Transylvania, a beautiful girl exploring this region, a rock appears to form a rare cave in these places and behold nothing is missing from this unique landscape. But Melissa surprises us, this time again, she will leave you a sign showing that she has passed by: a capital letter written on the rock, but she isn?t using the chalk, she writes with … ?? What is she using?? :))

Shitting In The Rubber *with Face*

Hmmm yummy hard sausage, directly to the XXL condom

Plump But Sexy College Girl Fern Poop In The Bowl

Plump but sexy college girl Fern poop in the bowl