Pissende Teans Video

Huge Mess Plastic Panties

Oxana is running huge mess in her pink plastic panties.

Complete Shit Swallow Of My Human Toilet

Time for my slave to be taught some manners again, GODDESS TEMPEST STYLE! Absolutely NO cuts, no trickery, no editing during the actual swallowing of my shit. Watch me push out a thick, meaty and very firm turd into a plate my human toilet slave Devoted Sub is holding. What makes this clip unique is the fact that I have eaten spiced raw red meat (Biltong) the past two days. This makes your shit so revolting in smell and taste that no human toilet I trained so far can keep such a turd in their mouths for more than a few seconds, much less chew it. Swallowing is merely impossible unless you have a human toilet like mine. Watch my human toilet slave take it bite for bite in close up action for you to see. Watch as he show you every piece in his mouth, chew it, swallow it and show you his empty mouth with his shit stained tongue. Due to the turd being so thick and firm he had to chew quite a bit in order to swallow. See how he breaks out in a cold sweat struggling to keep his gag reflex under control. See how I sadistically wait for him to finish the entire load and only giving him a tall glass of my strong tasting yellow piss to swallow AFTERWARDS. He swallows the ENTIRE glass. But my sadistic tormenting doesn’t end there. NOW I make him lick the plate clean right in front of your eyes! Hear how he compliment me afterwards for his meal and my amusing reply. This is something you don’t see every day. This load was so revolting in smell and taste that I think if you close your eyes you’d be able to smell it while watching. NEVER before have you seen a toilet slave with 15 years experience in swallowing shit break out in such a cold sweat right in front of your eyes! This video of mine is also known as “Human Toilet – Complete Shit Swallow” Note: I will try as far as possible to upload new video clips every 48 to 72 hours. Xoxo

Scatology Convent – The Priest And The Nuns!

New priest has arrived and it is the naughty nuns job to baptized the poor young priest. They seduced and take advantage of him. They suck him off, sit on his face and then finished off by pissing on his mouth showing him who’s boss in the convent!

Toilette Humiliation 55

Toilet Humiliation of the extra class! Bizarr Lady Jessica sits on de loo and eats a bread when its slave Joschi angekrochen comes. He begs to eat something of the bread. And of course a cruelty immediately occurs to the fiendish bizarre Mistress again. It orders to Joschi with the piece of bread of it to clean the toilet. So Dirty slave Joschi needs to clean the toilet mussel with the bread slice everywhere. Lady then still discovers Jessica this below in the loo put remains of her last KV cargo load. This orders immediately to clean it to him also there, the bread beautifully a little still befits from this. Joschi cleans with the bread below in the shit around and then pulls it out of the loo water deeply brownly with a shit covered. The bread on and then still bizarre Lady orders it Jessica to eat up.