Pisses All Over Couch

Mistress Antonella Prepares In Stockings Caviar And Champagne For Her Slave

Mistress Antonella is so pretty with a very nice short black skirt and black corset, black stiletto shoes and black stockings.she sways languidly and farts in her stockings, then she shits in her stockings, so exciting sight. After that, she offer her caviar and Champagne on a silver platter

Shit Oozing In Panties, Smearing It Around

I’ve shit in these panties and it oozes out of the sides. I pick up the shit and shove it into the back of my panties to make sure they’re full. It smears around my ass and hands and I show you my dirty body and the filled, overflowing little piece of lingerie. I love these panties so much. They’re dark and sexy and the fabric is silky smooth and thin, with a really pretty lace border and two little tiny bows on the front of my hips. I sell lots of panties, either scented from my pussy and full of my creamy juices, or sometimes also with skidmarks of full of a hot load of shit. I love doing it because it makes me feel sexy and powerful and I get to go out and buy more sexy lingerie with the money I make and think about what dirty boys will be sniffing them in the future. This pair I’ve had the longest out of my collection. That means I liked them too much to part with them, but today they’ve earned their send off. Someone was very lucky to get to eat from and smell this sexy pair and they’ll have them forever. Will you be getting the next pair? How will you like them?


Victoria is naughty running messy diareeah in pink tights;)