Pisses Herself Drunk

Lashayy Chapo Puts Her Sub To Work!

Lashayy Chapo is the PERFECT Vessel to welcome in the New Year!! Not only the New Year, but the New Era of Ladies Keeping It Funky!! Now we gonna continue to bring you what you have come to know an love if you have been following us the last five years here on Scatshop. If you been noticing, I been hitting you with newer and newer content and ladies for the past year, and last 3-4 months in particular. If you haven’t SHAME ON YOU! 2019 we are taking it to the next level, and Lashayy Capo might be at the forefront!Lashay woke up on Christmas Morning Having to take a dump, but was really backed up. Looks like she had a lot of cheese and greasy food. She came in earlier in the morning but had no luck…She comes back in the bathroom an hour or so later and gives it another shot. Nothing but pebbles. But No Fear!! She calls her trusty sub in…..HERE’s the Kicker – unlike anyone else you seen with a toilet sub – Lashayy’s got a trusty FEMALE sub to come help her out. Lashayy loves the ladies too, and the ladies love her as well!! She calls her sub to come in and get right to her knees to come rub her belly. The belly rubbing helped Ms Capo loosen her stool. She even helps her sub put on her sexy shoes and panties she bought her for Christmas – All while pooping at the same time!! She then sends her sub back out to go put on her Christmas decorations, and to bring her sexy ass back in the bathroom to keep her company and massage more poop out. All that helped Lashayy, and even turned her on! She makes her sub Stand and bend over, smacking her ass before even taking a little lick for herself!! She All that excitement really did the final trick, as she was able to push out a final BIG log out her ass!! This was one Epic Christmas day dump!! So long that she even ran out of storage space!! Enjoy this nearly 20 minute Marathon!! Lashayy gonna be one of your new favorites as I was saving this one just for New Years to share with you all!! I cannot stop watching this one and you will be hooked as well!! This is just the beginning of the fun she has at home!! Don’t we all wish we had a sexy Toilet sub to help get the poop out and play with at the same time!!?


Pushing out a rising pile of poop! Extreme close-up. Multiple angles.

Piss Slut Daniella

I have two friends of mine visiting a swingers party. Both Daniella and Natalia is giving two guys a blowjob while we are watching. Like some sweet lollipops they are sucking the dicks of these guys.. Natalia turns to the ass of on guy and start giving him a rim job, while Daniella gets her mouth filled with pee from the other guy.

The Girl Pisses In The Toilet.

The girl pisses in the toilet.