Pisses In Girlfriends Mouth Shower

Exclusive Shit!princess Grace And Mia

5 Video.1.Princess Grace and Toilet SlaveryKiss Ass,Facesitting,Humiliation,Scat,Shit,Smearing2.Facesitting Shit Scat Coercion ,Smearing3.Coerce Scat Piss Smearing Facesitting4.Sitting scat piss facesitting5.Exclusive Shit! Mia and Grace have fun with the dirty slaveŠ”ompulsion Shitting Scat Piss Chain Mia and Grace have fun with the dirty slave. Chained and helpless the slave lies, his head is balanced and chained, like arms. The slave looks up at his Mistresses. He sees their holes from below and opens his mouth. All sweets fall directly into his mouth. He suffocates with urine and tasty shit while two sexy girls are laughing at him. They consider him just a toilet, he is not a man for them, just an every day toilet.

Sorority Girls Hold Pissing Party! – Full Movie

The fraternity has a neophyte on board and he needs to be initiated. This means letting the sorority girls loose on him and doing what they want to him, no questions asked. For the girls, this is the perfect time to hold their annual pissing party, in which they line up and pee on the poor fellow’s face. His head and face will be soaked in pee and he has to take it all in or get kicked out of the frat.

Shitting From The Bed

I tried to shit from the bed and it was easier than I thought šŸ˜€

Afternoon Tea For 3 Mistresses And Their Scat Slave!

It is afternoon tea, much like what you would see anywhere else in the world or in any other situation. Except this is no ordinary afternoon tea and these 3 ladies are no ordinary ladies! After finishing their tea they decide to release the slave from his cage so he can be abused by them. They first spit on him while mocking him and laughing at him between themselves. They each take their turns squatting down and filling his feeding bowl with both golden nectar and sweet golden nuggets before ordering him to get down like a dog and lap it up like the pathetic slave he is!