Pisses Outdoor

Billie’s Crackling Public Ploppage!!

Billie Austin sent in a great new public toilet clip!! Enjoy as she takes a booboo break while out in public one day. Enjoy as she puts that FUNKY poopshooter right in front the camera while she rocks, pushes and strains out some stubborn snakes. Took a minute or so to loosen up, but what sweet relief for Billie!!

Toilet Slave Kisses Ass And Anus Shitting Girls

Alina did not shit for 3 days – her shit became tight and dense and had a strong smell of stale crap

Big Dump From Couch!

I haven’t pooped yet in my new living room so I decided to do a clip with my booty hanging from the edge of the couch! I stoop right on the edge of the couch and shit directly on the floor, didn’t want to get the carpet all wet so I peed in a cup for you 😉 After doing my nasty business, I pick up the poo with my bare hands and walk all the way to the bathroom to dump it in the toilet! So sexy!!!

Annabell Smith Ass Explode! Messy Pooping

19 years old annabell smith can’t handle xl cup of coffee!