Pissin Boyfriend

Who Would Like To Swallow Hearty Piss, Vomit And Snot?

If no one wants to, they’ll have to. I love putting my slaves in desperate situations. Just like in this video where he has the standing order to keep the table clean with his tongue and drink the bowl in which we all three of us piss out. The slave licks as fast as he can and drinks the cup empty from time to time. Domi increases the severity level, she chops on the middle of the table, at the latest now the slave has a big problem because the order applies even if vomit lands on the table.

Mistress Roberta -creamy Tasty Ass-pov

Today i prepare your breakfast and rub my ass into it so you can start eating from my ass the creamy shit i have prepared for you and suck well the pee from the paper enjoy!

In The Aircraft Cabin Ns

Quick phone using the toilet cabin genommen..etwas the wobbly thing:-) But then, off we go, finally pee. In end, I prefer course on also, but at the sound that makes the most fun:-)